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Sep 23 2011

Portland Web Design | Custom Web Site Design | Bridgetown Brawl

I love getting inspired by custom web site design, and when the inspiration is one of my favorite things ever–namely, roller derby–I’m basically dancing a jig. If you’ve been watching my Twitter feed over the past few weeks, then you know that Portland’s Rose City Rollers are hosting this year’s WFTDA West Region Playoffs, otherwise known as Bridgetown Brawl!

This tournament is about as big as it gets: it’ll be the ten best teams in the West Region vying for supremacy, and the West is the most hotly-contested region in flat track derby, so Bridgetown Brawl needed everything to be as smooth and professional as possible, including the web site. I jumped in during the planning stages of the tournament and created a bold web site design, and the past few weeks have been full of quick-turnaround postings of breaking news to the tournament web site.

I probably don’t have to tell you that I’m rooting for our ladies in purple, the Wheels of Justice, to obliterate the competition and advance to the National Championships. If you’re in Portland and new to derby, I highly recommend you snag tickets for Saturday night’s main event to see some super-exciting matchups. Or, if you’re already a lover of derby, there’s still time to head over to the Coliseum TONIGHT at 6:00pm to see Portland take on one of their biggest rivals, the Bay Area Derby Girls.

As for me, I’ve been working at my desk during this first day of bouting, but I’m going to be glued to the live feed when WoJ takes on B.A.D. tonight. 😉

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