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Oct 21 2011

Portland Beauty Photography | Portland Spa Services Photography | Lashes by Nadia

Doing professional photography of Portland’s most excellent services can be pretty eye-opening–I get a behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking time, care, and detail that goes into what local professionals do in their work. I recently got to work with professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Nadia, on photos of her ever-expanding services for Threading and Eyelash Extensions. I’d heard a lot about eyelash extensions over the past few months, and I sort of knew what threading was–semi-embarrassing admission: there was a period back in the day when I actually watched America’s Next Top Model, and there was a contestant makeover that involved threading–but I hadn’t ever seen those services happen in front of me.

I went to The Spa Upstairs and shot with Nadia on-location, and I jumped in at a few different points during the threading and eyelash service, to get some shots of her doing the intensely detailed work. It definitely required a lot of time and a steady hand, but Nadia did an awesome job, and the After shots with the full set of lash extensions showed a major difference.

Nadia’s also a super-talented makeup artist, and she worked her magic on our live model for my First Friday event earlier this month. Definitely make sure to check out her work.

Portland beauty services photography - Threading by Nadia
Portland spa services photography - Eyelash extensions by Nadia
Portland beauty photography - Eyelash extensions

Portland beauty services photography – Portland photography for business – Upswept Creative

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