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Feb 03 2012

Portland Web Design | Portland Geek Council of Commerce & Culture

I can safely say that my involvement with the PGC3 was sparked by my passion for web design and making things look awesome online: basically, while working with my noble compatriot Kenna of GeekPortland on fancying up her Portland geek events calendar, I took a peek at the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture’s web site, which looked rather hastily slapped-together. Upon seeing it, I thought to myself, “that is not a web site befitting a geek organization. Oh my god, LET ME FIX THIS.”

With that, I applied for membership in the PGC3, and got to work designing a new look for the organization. After several meetings, a flurry of e-mails, and a changeover to WordPress, I was finally able to launch the beginnings of the new site in December, so things are looking good, and I’ve even been voted onto the PGC3 Board for 2012!

This is only the beginning for PGC3’s branding efforts, however–our first two board meetings have already been productive, and we’ve started making plans for blog contributors, more social media efforts, refining our mission statement, and even creating a monthly online newsletter. I also have plans for a redesigned homepage structure, and a more robust member directory that’ll highlight more of our completely awesome member organizations.

Things are already looking more lively on the blog, and we on the Board are really hoping to give the Portland geek community a much clearer picture of what the PGC3 is all about, in the year to come. Take a look at the Portland Geek Council of Commerce & Culture web site, and get a first look at what our member organizations are up to.

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