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Mar 14 2012

Portland Logo Design | Roller Derby Design |

Roller derby is a growing sport, and it needs good design to keep growing and gaining respect in the sports community… and, as a derby skater, I’m definitely happy to be contributing to that effort! I was approached for some logo design advice by Beater Venkman of the Stateline Derby Divas, for her new online derby project, focusing on creating the first comprehensive directory of roller derby coaches, clinics, and training camps.

The next thing you know, a logo was born! I whipped up a slick, modern logo for, incorporating shades of green that Venkman favors, along with a bit of pink for pop and contrast. Eagle-eyed derby skaters might also notice a couple of details specific to the sport: one being the styling of the pink letter “O,” which is styled to suggest the shape of a roller derby track. Additionally, there’s also the star in the dot of the “.com,” calling back to the star worn on the helmet of the Jammer, the only player on the team who can score points in a jam.

DerbyCoaching already has a solid list of some truly prolific skaters who are offering their wisdom to derby players all over the world, but there’s always room for more on the site! If you’re looking for a coach, or would even like to be listed as one, take a look at to get a glimpse of what’s happening in the roller derby community.

Oh, and if you happen to be in Portland, Rose City Rollers has several bouts happening in March! This Friday, the Break Neck Betties take on a visiting team from Seattle (Derby Liberation Front), and Saturday night has two of our home teams battling for supremacy. So, if you haven’t seen roller derby in a while (or ever!), now’s the time to get tickets, and get on it!

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