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May 10 2012

Portland Design for Print | Business Card Design | Old Town Computers

When a local business treats me right, I’m all about helping them out, and referring other people I like to them whenever I can. Last week, Old Town Computers saved my bacon, so I’m glad that blogging about my design work for them is giving me the excuse to shout praises from the rooftops about their shop.

I was already acquainted with Old Town Computers when I re-designed their business card–they took good care of my beloved old MacBook, Flexo, when the trackpad started behaving oddly, and got it back to me with no fuss.

That, however, was a mere annoyance. When one of the hard drives in my uber-workstation failed spectacularly, that caused me some serious panic. I always have plenty of backups, so my work was safe, but a dead hard drive made it much harder to do my editing work. Even worse, my computer was set up with some add-ons and upgrades that I didn’t have a lot of concrete information about, so I didn’t know where to start with fixing it.

OTC came to the rescue, though–they helped me piece together the problem, didn’t flinch when they asked questions I didn’t know the answer to, explained all of my options along the way, and were just incredibly patient with me throughout the entire process. I’m happy to report that I picked up my computer yesterday morning, in full working order, and newly set up with redundant backups! The next time a hard drive fails out on me, it should be much less stressful than it was this time.

So, yes, if you have computer troubles you can’t solve, whether they’re PC or Mac, Old Town Computers will take good care of you. And, you might even see a familiar-looking business card design on the front desk, when you get there. 😉

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