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Mar 14 2013

Portland Web Design | Locals We Love!

When we’re not making Portland web design and photography magic happen, we’re roaming the wilds of Portland and enjoying what locals have to offer. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite things here on the blog in the coming months, so get out there and celebrate the locally-made awesomeness by trying something new-to-you!


Sarah’s Pick: Quizzical Empire’s St. Patrick’s Day Tournament of Winners

I do like my beer and wine, but I’ve never been what you’d call a big drinker. So, when bars are charging approximately ONE MILLION DOLLARS to drink cheap dyed-green beer, just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day? That doesn’t exactly make me quiver with excitement. Fortunately, the fine folks of Quizzical Empire are presenting what’s sure to be a fun contest (WITH PRIZES!) of pint-clanking shenanigans, to keep you filled with amusement (and beer) on this drinkiest of holidays. $15 admission includes fun and games, performances, and drink and food tickets!


Lexx’s Pick: Moon Brine Pickles

One of the best parts of coming into the old studio was being able to stop at Moon Brine pickles. They are, without a doubt, the crunchiest and most delicious pickles I have had outside of delis in New York City. Not to mention the brine is awesome in Bloody Marys! Find them on Facebook ( to find out when their home base in the Ford Building is open for tasting.


Petra’s Pick: Retrolicious

Does it get any better than pink flamingos, lawn chairs, and made-from-scratch comfort foods? Retrolicious is a favorite of mine when it comes to Portland food carts, serving massive amounts of Sloppy Joes, Meatloaf, and Mac & Cheese sent from the gods. I consider myself somewhat of a Mac & Cheese connoisseur, and their 5 blend of melted cheesy goodness (4$) was literally the best I’ve EVER had, and was enough to keep me full all day. The owners Kimmy and Roy are some of the most charming people around and truly love what they do. You can find them by checking out their Facebook ( or Twitter (@EatRetrolicious). Enjoy!

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