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May 03 2013

Portland graphic design | Facebook Changes and a Facebook Design Special!

If Facebook is a big part of your online marketing plan–and it should be!–here’s your heads-up: Facebook is dramatically redesigning their News Feed, and that means updating your pages to keep up! Read on for tips to guide you towards getting your Facebook graphics up-to-speed.

OR, if you need some professional help with your Facebook graphics, take advantage of this super-awesome Facebook Graphics Design Special!

The Up Side

litestand-heroThe News Feed is about to get a lot more real estate! The left-hand column is going away, which leaves more space for your content when it shows up in the News Feed. That means less focus on links and adds, and more focus on your content! That also means your Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, and photos will be bigger and more attention-grabbing than before!

Bigger Content Means You Need Images!

We already know that images attract more Likes and clicks on Facebook than text alone. If you want to get more engagement on your Facebook business page, be prepared with photos, graphics, and video to lure your audience in. It could be anything from graphics or charts, screenshots, even Instagram photos or snapshots of your work in-progress.

Sound like a lot of work? Don’t worry, there’s still one step you can take right now to make a bigger impact: Update your cover photo. In the new Facebook layout, your Page’s cover photo will get a lot more attention. So, make sure it’s an image that elegantly showcases what your brand is about, and what they’ll see if they Like your page.

What Do I Need To Do To Be Ready?

Updating your Facebook Page images to be ready for the new changes means checking up on a few different things:

Your Page’s Profile Picture. Good news is, this guy hasn’t changed! It’s still 160×160 pixels, which is a good size for you to show your company logo, or possibly a headshot if you’re a public figure!

Your Page’s Cover Photo. Your cover photo will be showing up in News Feeds whenever someone new Likes your page, which means it’s becoming VERY important! So, now’s the time to put together a great image that shows off your brand, and is 851×315 pixels in size.

Also beware: the lower-left corner gets partly covered by your Profile Picture, so be sure you don’t put any important text in that space!

Event Page Banners. You’re already seeing the new Event Page images–they’ve been changed to a wider image that spans across the top of the event page. That makes it harder to just grab a photo and have it show what you want. So, when you’re creating an event through your brand, Event Page banners now need to be 714×264 pixels.

A weird quirk to be careful of with Event Page banners, too: by default, the thumbnail for your Facebook Event Page Banners will be cropped down to the 264×264-pixel space in the middle of your image. If you’re using a photo with a human face in it, however, Facebook may detect that face and crop your image to the 264×264-pixel area around that face! So, proceed with caution!

Facebook Graphics Design Special!

Intimidated by all of these graphics changes? Don’t sweat it: grab our Facebook Graphics Design Special, and we’ll take care of it for you! Just $75 gets you your very own, custom-designed Facebook Cover Photo. Or, bump it up to $99 and get a Cover Photo AND an updated Profile Picture. This offer is only available until June 1st, so get it while you still can!

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