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Jan 08 2014

Is Your Old Branding Design Right for a New Year?

We’re just a few days into 2014, and you’re probably dreaming up some grand designs for what you want to accomplish in the new year. It’s a time for changes, but while you’re thinking of new ideas, you might want to take a look at your brand. Does your branding fit where you’re going, or only where you’ve already been? Here are a few reasons why your old branding might not be right for you in the new year:

You’re changing your focus.

portland-rebranding-agency-2014Businesses don’t always end up going where you think they’ll go. Maybe you set out creating seasonal lines for boutiques, but then found out that your real passion is doing one-of-a-kind custom work for clients. Maybe you thought about teaching in-person classes, but then you wrote a book that became wildly successful. Your business can be an adventure, and it can mean changing focus–and changing your branding to go with it.

Take a look at your goals for 2014. Are you shifting directions, or expanding from what you’ve already done in the past? If that’s the case, it might be time to change up your brand, too.

Your brand looks dated.

I love creating timeless design that grows with you, but not every designer works that way. Design trends are always there, and it can be hard to tell what trends will last, and what’s going to look stale a year from now. If your branding and web design looks like a refugee from the ’90s, or even if it’s, “So 2010,” it’s probably time to get hip to what’s happening in design in 2014.

The idea of rebranding might seem scary, but a fresh take on your brand could be just the thing to bring new life into your business. Even some of the most famous brands have refreshed and evolved over the years, and they’ve endured and grown to epic proportions. If you look at some of the original logo designs of those famous brands, you can probably tell what time period they came from–is the same thing true of yours?

You’re not proud of your current brand.

I’ve had this happen more than once, with business owners I’ve met: they’re full of energy, they’re passionate, and I know just from talking to them that they’re great at what they do. But, when we swap business cards, they wince and say, “I just have these temporary ones for right now.” Or, when I ask if I can check out their web site, they hesitate. They’re completely amazing at their work, but they know deep down that their brand doesn’t communicate any of that.

Are you ashamed of your web site? Do you think your logo is only so-so? That’s a tough weight to bear, and it could be holding you back from putting your work out there at your fullest! Your brand should fit your work and make you feel good. If it doesn’t? It’s time to change that!

The new year is a great time to reflect on where your business has been, and plan for where it’s going. If you’re looking to grow bigger and better than ever this year, take a look back at your branding, too, and make sure it fits into your vision for the future.

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