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Silver Lining Productions logo design Portland Oregon
May 29 2014

Doing It! The Silver Lining in producing apparel locally

“Where is your shirt made?” A lot of us probably don’t know the answer to that question, and too often, the answer is, “not in the U.S.A.”

We recently worked with Silver Lining Productions on creating the perfect logo design for their business: garment manufacturing for clothing designers! As we worked with them, we really got to the heart of what makes them special: they’re not just passionate about garment production; Silver Lining hopes to bring that production–which is so often done overseas!–back to our home shores. Silver Lining Productions logo design Portland Oregon

They’re already looking ahead to the next step: Silver Lining has a Kickstarter campaign that will help them expand what they can offer to all kinds of local designers. We caught up with them to talk a little more about their mission to make local clothing design look awesome, and why it’s important to them!

Why is US manufacturing important for local apparel designers?

Working with a sewing company in your own city, let alone state has so many advantages! First being, we can help make sure that all samples are approved in a timely manner BEFORE production, so there is less margin of error on a large order. Also, our minimum orders are very flexible and low, allowing for true development and seasonality for designers at different levels of their business. Also, we help with sourcing, photography, market research, really offer a more well rounded manner of doing business! Plus, no time lag or language barrier!

Silver Lining Productions "Lift Off!" party. Photo courtesy Silver Lining Productions.
Silver Lining Productions’ “Lift Off!” launch party. Photo courtesy Silver Lining Productions.

What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

Seeing a designer begin to fulfill orders they wouldn’t have been able to produce on their own is very exciting. Also, working with local businesses to manufacture items locally is totally satisfying. We are also innovating techniques in upcycling like transforming promotional gift bags out of old trade show banners (a project we recently finished with Nancy’s Yogurt) is so important and something we feel sets us apart from other manufacturers.

What kind of brands are you hoping to connect with?

We are currently connecting with as many contacts as possible! We structure custom service packages for every client and are poised and ready to dive into projects of any size. We can service clients who are literally still in product development and produce samples that they can build a line from, to the established designer/brand/business who is simply looking to weigh their manufacturing options.

What does the future of Silver Lining look like?

The future looks BRIGHT! Our first cut and sew services are already expanding to pattern making, sourcing and product development. We intend on adding product photography, online store building and fulfillment to our services. Fulfillment is very exciting because that would mean we have the capability to not only make the goods, but also, store, package and ship goods for clients as well.


There’s just a little over a week left to support Silver Lining on their Kickstarter campaignso be sure to check out their video and make a contribution towards bringing garment manufacturing, jobs, and awesome business relationships, back to Oregon.

Portland branding design – Portland product photography – Upswept Creative

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