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Kimberlee working in the studio
May 19 2015

Catching up with jewelry designer Fresh Tangerine

from one of our early lookbook photoshoots with Fresh Tangerine

It’s been a busy Portland May, but we’re excited we got a chance to catch up with our friend Kimberlee Kogane at Fresh Tangerine! Fresh Tangerine makes beautiful handmade jewelry with a Pacific-NW-inspired feel, and has grown from a one-woman show to a team of makers.

We were fortunate enough to connect with Kimberlee and get to know her work during the early stages of her business, and her combination of bold colors and shapes with delicate details was fashionable, wearable, and memorable. She came to each shoot with a bold statement piece at the ready, and left our studio feeling a little extra-sparkly by the end. And we do mean literally–the glitter on our floors was a daily delight for weeks afterwards. 😉

Kimberlee first gave birth to Fresh Tangerine here in Portland, and she has since moved northward–if you’re in Seattle, pay them a visit to see their gorgeous work up close!

Can you sum up Fresh Tangerine for us, in a sentence or two?

Kimberlee working in the studio
Kimberlee working in the studio
Kimberlee Kogane: “Fresh Tangerine is first and foremost a jewelry brand that aspires to create beautiful and unique pieces that are affordable and can be worn every day. We also want to inspire people to be creative, take risks, and pursue their dreams.”

What was it like starting Fresh Tangerine? What parts of it did you love, and what were your struggles?

KK: In the beginning it was all about putting the hours in. It was hard at first to make the choice to stay home and work instead going out with friends, but I had a goal in mind, and knew that I wanted to make my business succeed. Now I’m transitioning from doing everything myself, to trying to lead a team of people which presents a whole new set of challenges.

What has Fresh Tangerine taught you – personally, or businesswise?

KK: One thing that I never expected was just how much owning a business challenges you as a person. I feel like I’ve had to face so many fears, and you have to accept those things that you might not be so good at. I’ve learned a lot about myself and a lot about business along the way.
Creating beuatiful jewlery is a team effort!
Creating beautiful jewelry is a team effort!

Where do you think Fresh Tangerine will go next?

KK: I would love to see Fresh Tangerine carried by a larger retailer. I want to grow our team, get our name out there, and continue create jewelry that is affordable and well made.

Thank you Kimberlee! We look forward to seeing you continue to grow!

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