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Aug 03 2015

Why Your Corporate Headshots Suck–And How To Fix It

“Is that really what I look like?”

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with this. I look so tired and miserable.”

“I’m just not photogenic at all.”

(image courtesy of photo assistant extraordinaire, Hailey Rose Jones)
You’ll feel better about your professional headshot if you have a professional photographer on your side. (image by photo assistant extraordinaire, Hailey Rose Jones)

I had a photo like that, at one of my first jobs. Someone at the office whom I barely knew quickly grabbed a point-and-shoot, and before I knew what was happening, the oncamera flash fired and there were spots in my vision. I didn’t feel comfortable or prepared, and they didn’t know what they were doing. And really, how relaxed would you feel if someone surprised you with a camera in your face, during your first week on-the-job?

Next thing I knew, that photo was following me around my office: in my e-mail signature, on my work badge, on the company intranet. Every time I looked at it, all I could see was deer-in-headlights eyes, a fake smile, what felt like half-a-dozen chins. It looked like some bizarre, soulless automaton had borrowed my face. The person in that photo didn’t look smart, or competent, or even the slightest bit happy, and every time I looked at it, I felt actively worse about myself.

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself, and grumbled to yourself that it could have been so much better?

I certainly have, but that doesn’t have to happen to you! There are a few things you can do to make the best of your professional headshot situation:

  • Plan ahead. Make sure you set aside ample time for your photos, and that you arrive camera-ready and on-time… or maybe even a few minutes early.
  • Have your photos taken by someone you trust. Does the person taking your staff photos have photography experience? See if they have samples of past headshot photos that they can show you.
  • Get in the right headspace. Are your photos happening in the middle of your workday? Give yourself 5-10 minutes of chill-out time before your photo is taken, so you can decompress, and clear your head of workday stress.
  • Practice good self-care. Get good sleep the night before, stay hydrated, and eat well. Caring for yourself on the inside will show on the outside!
  • Choose the right lighting and setting. Not sure what good light looks like? A professional photographer can help you make the right decisions.

I know what you’re thinking: professional photography seems like a big step, right?

A professional headshot that you’re unhappy with comes with its own costs, though: do you want to make your co-workers and employees feel sad and hopeless when they look at their professional headshots? Of course not! Keeping your business-mates happy makes your business run better, so their happiness means your success.

Fortunately, I have the perfect offer to help your business break away from bad professional photos for good. I’m here with Team Upswept to take the time, energy, and hassle of your company headshots off of your plate. With my years of expertise with lighting, composition, and making people look awesome, we’ll make you and everyone in your business look good in, and feel great about, your professional photos.

If you book a group headshot session, you can grab a special offer at the level that’s right for you:

Why book it now?

We only have room in our schedule for TEN (10) of these sessions, so once they’re booked, they’re GONE. And, if you’re one of the first three (3) people to book a group session, you’ll save an additional 20% off your package—that means just $180 for five, $319 for ten, or $580 for twenty people in your company.

The people who make your business special should feel like they’re special, too. Book a group or corporate headshot session now, before they’re all gone.

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