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Open Source Bridge Day 2: You Are Not Your User

Jul 01 2015

Open Source Bridge Day 2: You Are Not Your User

Day Two of Open Source Bridge encouraged us to look beyond our own experience, and try to see the world through a different lens. Not only does it help us be more compassionate as people, but it also helps us create and code better design and user experiences for everyone we want to reach. Algorithms […]

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Kronda Adair opened the Open Source Bridge conference by talking on what we really need to do to encourage diversity in tech.
Jun 25 2015

Open Source Bridge Day 1: Everyone In Tech Matters

We’re spending a big part of our week at Open Source Bridge, both taking in wisdom and taking photos! On Day 1, I spent a lot of time wishing that I could be in multiple places at once, but I did make it to a couple of different talks which drove home the message that tech needs to strive to […]

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Upswept Creative is Mobile Friendly!
May 06 2015

Don’t Get Left Behind – Get Your Web Site Mobile-Friendly for Google!

What’s invisible, super powerful, and affects us in Portland as much as people on the other side of the planet? Climate change? No, it’s the Google search algorithm. The most powerful search engine in the world is doing it again: changing the way sites get ranked! Not as bad as climate change by a long shot, […]

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Conference Sticker from ACT-W
Apr 22 2015

Upswept Creative at the ACT-W Conference in Portland!

Last weekend, we had the awesome opportunity to attend the ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women)  conference in Portland and we had a great time! As I wrote about fairly recently, the gender gap in tech is pervasive, and ACT-W is doing its part to help support women entering into and working in tech […]

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Feb 25 2013

Portland Web Design | We need a WordPress developer!

We love making Portland web design that looks awesome, but we could use some help doing it! We’re looking for a freelance WordPress developer to help turn design mockups into living, breathing, internet magic. If you don’t have a lot of experience under your belt, it’s okay–just be willing to learn and explore. You should […]

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Oct 03 2012

Portland Band Photography | The Slants and The Yellow Album

Portland musician photography is always a fun project for me, and I loved having the opportunity to work with local band The Slants, on a photoshoot for their upcoming new release, The Yellow Album. The Slants got started several years ago here in Portland, and they’ve branched out to tour in other cities and have […]

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Sep 05 2012

Portland graphic design | Pixel art for Portland Retro Gaming Expo

If you live in Portland long enough, you learn that geekery is mighty and on-the-grow here in PDX. This year, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo is continuing that trend, by expanding the event into the Oregon Convention Center. And, with the help of everyone’s favorite barcade, Ground Kontrol, they’re also debuting their new “Mega-Cade”: 20,000 […]

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Apr 11 2012

Portland Event Photography | Emerald City Comicon

It’s especially awesome when your work allows you to travel, and I recently got to do just that–I went to Seattle to capture a taste of the Portland-related happenings at Emerald City Comicon, for the Portland Mercury. Intrepid writer Joe Streckert and I made the rounds for all three days of the convention, chatting up […]

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Feb 03 2012

Portland Web Design | Portland Geek Council of Commerce & Culture

I can safely say that my involvement with the PGC3 was sparked by my passion for web design and making things look awesome online: basically, while working with my noble compatriot Kenna of GeekPortland on fancying up her Portland geek events calendar, I took a peek at the Portland Geek Council of Commerce and Culture’s […]

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