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Building a Nest for a Happy Brand

Sep 26 2016

Building a Nest for a Happy Brand

When we first met with Emily of Happy Nest, she had a busy day-to-day of running her professional organizing business and caring for her young children. She had the start of an online presence, but her brand didn’t feel like a good fit. “It’s just… not awesome,” she told us. So, we made a plan to turn her disappointment into excitement, and […]

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Nov 11 2015

Who Shapes a Photo: the Photographer, or the Subject?

I recently saw this video experiment (“6 Photographers Capture the Same Person But Their Results Vary Wildly Because of a Twist“) and started thinking about past clients I’ve worked with. Fashion and commercial photography is a different animal than what’s shown here, but much of the photography work that comes through Upswept HQ is professional […]

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Conference Sticker from ACT-W
Apr 22 2015

Upswept Creative at the ACT-W Conference in Portland!

Last weekend, we had the awesome opportunity to attend the ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women)  conference in Portland and we had a great time! As I wrote about fairly recently, the gender gap in tech is pervasive, and ACT-W is doing its part to help support women entering into and working in tech […]

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Portland professional headshots
Jan 20 2015

Making the most of your headshot!

One of the things that seems to stay the same, no matter the year, is our relationship with the things that are currently impacting our lives, the things that are happening now – the bus you’re about to miss, the date you’re about to go on, the bill you forgot to pay. If you’re a […]

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Aug 21 2014

Your Photographer Thinks You’re Beautiful

I’m a Portland fashion and commercial photographer, and I think you’re beautiful. I consider it part of my job to see what’s beautiful about you, and even if I’m not the photographer you’ve chosen today, chances are your photographer also thinks you’re beautiful. Your photographer is observing you from the moment they meet you–your mannerisms, the […]

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Dec 19 2013

Why looking your best in photos has nothing to do with good looks

We all have feelings about having our photo taken: the camera might be your friend, or maybe it feels like a mortal enemy.  How does looking at a photo make you feel? Do you smile at the memory of the time when it was taken? Or do you cringe and start mentally noting every flaw […]

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Jul 12 2013

Portland Headshot Photographer | Your Headshot Should Be A Party!

Your Professional Headshot Should Be a Party. If your professional headshot needs an update, do it the fun way: Join us on July 25th for our Portland Professional Headshot Party! I’ll be working my Portland headshot photographer magic and shooting mini-sessions throughout the day, and you’re invited to hang out at the studio, get fancied-up, […]

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Apr 22 2013

Portland Headshot Photographer | Branding Your Style Workshop!

You know your business brand is important, but for today’s entrepreneurs, YOU are an important part of your brand–for some entrepreneurs, you ARE the brand! No matter which camp you’re in, finding your most authentic self, and making it work with your brand, is a vital part of your success as a business owner. That’s […]

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