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Brand Experience: Get in Touch With Your Feelings

Jun 08 2017

Social Media Management 102

A few weeks ago, we talked about some basics of social media marketing. In that post, I went over how to set goals, decide which platforms to use, and urged you to stick to the plan. Now I’d like to get into another aspect of social media marketing that’s just as important… what the heck […]

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Aug 17 2016

A Warrior-Inspired Portland Fashion Photo Shoot

Fashion photography means drawing inspiration from a lot of places, including some pretty unexpected ones. This “Modern Warrior” photoshoot got its first spark after I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of ’80s music videos, which led to a forgotten favorite: The Warrior by Scandal (and frontwoman Patty Smyth). The bold makeup and messages of empowerment, breaking down walls, […]

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Apr 01 2016

Creative Mornings PDX with Jelly Helm

“The punch line is…” he said “Ethics have shifted from the tribe to the individual.” What do donuts, ethics, and creativity all have in common? They were the bright stars of my Friday morning a few weeks ago at Creative Mornings PDX. The donuts, however, were easily outshined by the charming, charismatic speaker, Jelly Helm […]

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Oct 21 2011

Portland Beauty Photography | Portland Spa Services Photography | Lashes by Nadia

Doing professional photography of Portland’s most excellent services can be pretty eye-opening–I get a behind-the-scenes look at the painstaking time, care, and detail that goes into what local professionals do in their work. I recently got to work with professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Nadia, on photos of her ever-expanding services for Threading and […]

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