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(Honestly) Bona Fide Branding: a guided course

(Honestly) Bona Fide Branding : a guided course to level up your business brand.

Your brand is the special sauce that lets the clients you crave most know that they need what you’ve got. If you’re not attracting the kind of clients you love (and who love you enough to pay top dollar!), bringing new life to your brand can change all that. If you’re ready to learn what a brand is really about, Honestly Bona Fide Branding is here to help you through.

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What can (Honestly) Bona Fide Branding do for you?

This guided, online course will teach you about what goes into creating an authentic brand, so you can reach the people who need what you offer. You’ll have the flexibility to work through course material on your own, and we’ll also give you individualized check-ins and regular Q&A sessions to help keep you on-track.

With this course, we’ll help you:

  • Find the unique strengths and qualities of your business
  • Identify and get to know the clients your business loves most
  • Focus on the parts of your business that speak to you most, so you can make more money and love your job
  • Shift your branding to align with what you do best, and what appeals to your best customers 
  • Tell your story in a way that entices your ideal clients and makes them want to engage with you
  • speak confidently about your brand at work and in daily life

Our Beta course opens soon!

If you’d like to give our course a test drive, you can get the full course content, access to our discussion group, regular Q&A sessions, and an individual one-on-one session tailored to your business. Applications for our Beta close on March 20th, so apply now before you miss your chance!

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